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Panerai Ferrari Replica

Many people wonder if Panerai Ferrari Replica watches could ever match the performance of quartz watches. Before Einstein, no one thought that anything could travel at the speed or light. But now, we have the Large Hadron Collider. Accepting defeat is the fine line between accepting it and refusing it. We always learn from a project, even if it isn't finished.

You dedicate almost everything to accuracy, but then throw in some surprises like Art Pieces and the 3D globe of the GMT Earth. Is Greubel-Forsey disrupting the market?

Not consciously. Our work with tourbillons made us known for our precision, but we had many other projects that we wanted to pursue. Our personal travels inspired us to create our GMT.Panerai Ferrari Replica We were sitting on a plane, and looking at information displayed on a 2D display as a line. Robert and I were looking for a way to see the time in a more realistic manner. When you see that your smartphone says it's 9.45pm, it requires your brain to process and position the information to calculate the time. You don't always look for the exact time when you are looking at a clock. With our GMT globe it's all about iconography. You can see from the North Pole that it's lunchtime in Europe, night in the US, and evening in Asia. No need to calculate anything. You just interpret it.

We were fascinated by the people who referred to a watch as "an art piece". The projects were avant garde and the goal was to determine if art and watchmaking had a clear boundary. We started with a micro-sculpture, which we created in collaboration with a contemporary art artist. Then, we engraved our own micro-stamping.Rolex Datejust Replica Art Piece 2 may be a clock to an art critic, but you can hide it. If there's no time display on the watch, does that make it a timepiece? We wanted to find out if there is a line between art and watchmaking. I'm not sure we've found the answer yet. But then, I don't know if there is one.